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Branding and Logo Design

It has never been so important to stand out from your rivals. Branding of a company isn't just the logo itself. You should be able to glance at a business card, letterhead, brochure or poster and without even seeing the logo-type be able to associate it with a specific company.

Branding includes a whole range of elements, for example, the logo-type, a mark or symbol, chosen colour scheme, typefaces used and straplines to name a few. It is really important to establish strong brand guidelines in order to communicate effectively with a target market. In time your brand tells the world who you are.

Design for Print

Our design team are able to carry your branding accross all printed materials including business cards, letterheads, leaflets, brochures, menus, posters etc.

It is important that all of these are consistent with regards to branding in order to build a strong visual identity.

Design for Web

Consistency accross printed and digital materials establishes strong core-values of a brand, so whatever media you are using, your customers can easily recognise your company.